I am an ORISE research fellow with the EPA’s Office of Water and a PhD Candidate at the University of Oregon studying economics. My research interests include environmental, urban, health, and climate economics.


Ph.D. Economics, University of Oregon, expected 2025
M.S. Economics, University of Oregon, 2021
B.A. Economics, University of Virginia, 2017
B.S. Commerce, University of Virginia, 2017


Vertical Migration Externalities
Mark Colas and Emmett Saulnier. Regional Science and Urban Economics, 2023.

Working papers

Optimal Subsidies for Residential Solar
Mark Colas and Emmett Saulnier. CESifo working paper 10446.

Research in Progress

Perinatal health effects of herbicides: Glyphosate, Roundup, and the rollout of GM crops
Edward Rubin and Emmett Saulnier

The Distributional Impacts of Climate Change across U.S. Local Labor Markets
John Morehouse and Emmett Saulnier


EC 434/534: Environmental Economics, U.O. Winter and Spring 2023
Instructor of record for upper level undergraduate/masters environmental economics course
EC 320: Introduction to Econometrics, U.O. Spring 2022
Instructor of record for first course in undergradute econometrics sequence
EC 421: Introduction to Econometrics, U.O. Winter 2022
Led lab section for upper level undergraduate econometrics class
EC 607: Core Microeconomics III, U.O. Spring 2021
Led discussion section for 1st year PhD students covering topics in game theory and general equilibrium
EC 607: Core Microeconomics II, U.O. Winter 2021
Led discussion section for 1st year PhD students covering topics in producer theory and partial equilibrium

Professional Experience

ORISE Research Fellow, EPA Office of Water Washington, DC 2023-2024
Research Assistant, Dr. Meredith Fowlie and Dr. Edward Rubin Eugene, OR 2021
Built a machine learning model to predict air pollution levels using a chemical transport model and weather data.
Senior Business Analyst, CarMax Richmond, Va 2019
Built a machine learning model that informed operational strategy and analyzed experiments to prove its value.
Business Analyst, CarMax Richmond, Va 2017-2019
Worked on a multidisciplinary team of marketing strategists, software engineers, and data analysts to improve carmax.com’s visibility in search engine results.
Feeds and Search Engine Marketing Intern, Merkle Charlottesville, Va 2016
Optimized product feeds for online retail clients to be sent to various search and comparison shopping engines


2023 (including scheduled) Freddie Mac, WEAI Annual Conference, Camp Resources, TWEEDS, AERE@OSWEET
2022 Western Economic Association International (WEAI) Annual Conference, Seminar of Water and Environmental Economics Online (SWELL), The Workshop in Environmental Economics and Data Science (TWEEDS)
2021 Berkeley/Sloan Summer School in Environmental and Energy Economics

Honors and Awards

Kleinsorge Summer Research Fellowship 2022
Dale Underwood Outstanding Graduate Student Scholarship, 2020
Best 1st Year Econometrics Performance, 2020
First Year Fellowship, 2019-2020


Computing: R, SQL, Julia
Visual: Tableau, \(\LaTeX\), Markdown


Website: https://www.emmettsaulnier.com
Github: emmettsaulnier